Rent for each can vary based on type of product, number of pieces and duration of rent. Rental cost is as indicated for each costume. A deposit equivalent to the rent is required for each costume. We offer discounts for dance schools and bulk rentals. Please reach out to us via or +1 650 267 3399 for more information.

All costume rentals are for a period of 7 days including pick up and drop off date. For e.g. if you were to rent the costume on June 1st, return date would be June 7th. We rent costumes for extended period for an additional cost. Please reach out to us via or +1 650 267 3399 for more information.

We carry costumes in various sizes. Our costume sizes are based on Indian sizes. The best way to determine a size would be to get basic measurements such as length of the skirt/pant, chest size, waist size to determine the size that will work best. Please note that most rental costumes may require to be altered to get the perfect fit. Age recommendations for each costume are provided only for reference purposes and may vary based on the height and weight of each individual.

Yes, all rental costumes can be temporarily altered (preferably hand stitch) to fit. We do not allow permanent alterations (cutting, custom tailored and use of fabric glue) to the costumes.

Since each costume has different washing requirements, we recommend that costumes are not washed unless approved by FAB. We clean and wash our costumes to ensure they are clean and not smelly before they are rented out. To avoid any damages to the costumes, ironing is not allowed for most rental costumes unless necessary and approved by FAB. Due to the type of material used, most rental costumes do not require ironing.

If the costume is partially lost a fee equal to $25 will be charged. If the partial loss results in the whole costume incomplete, a fee of $50 will be charged for all costumes except bharatnatyam costumes. Partial or complete loss of any bharatnatyam costume will result in a fee of $75 per costume. If any costume is completely lost, a fee of $50 will be charged. Incase of any damages to the costumes or accessories, fees will be deducted from the deposit, depending on the type of damage done.

Yes we do rent for large groups. We have experience in renting over 200 costumes for various dance school performances and shows.

Yes, we ship all products we offer anywhere in the US. Shipping charges vary based on weight and place of shipment. The customer is responsible for two-way shipping charges for any rental costumes.

Rental costumes and accessories can be returned in person or via courier. All pick up and returns are by appointment only.

We recommend as much advance notice as possible. It is best to plan ahead for your performance to ensure you get the costume of your choice. You can also reserve your costumes in advance with a deposit. All costume reservations need to be cancelled atleast one week prior to pick up date to avoid any fees.

Yes, we also sell dance costumes and accessories. Please reach out to us via or +1 650 267 3399 for more information.

Unfortunately, we do not rent jewelry at this time. We have a large collection of jewelry available for purchase. Please check out the “Jewelry and Accessories” page for collection of jewelry and accessories available for sale.

Yes, you are welcome to check out our costume collection prior to renting. Please contact us to set up an appointment to check the costumes in person.

Yes, we have a collection of party wear lehengas and jewelry for sale. Please check out of “Dresses for Sale” and “Jewelry and Accessories” page for our products available for sale. Please note that all sales are final. We do not accept returns or exchanges.